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Magic Particles is powerful FX editor. Magic Particles allows you to create various special effects
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6 November 2013

Editor's review

We always intend to add special effects to our videos and images, in order to make them more alluring to its viewers. If you are also looking for a competent tool to add some eye catchy effects to your videos you can take the assistance of Magic Particles 1.2. The software is a fantastic application that assists you to form varied special and amazing effects with some simple settings and modifications. You can even use it in the videopost mode. The program provides you with sample effects that can be modified to create large number of new special effects as per your requirements. The program makes it easy to merge text and effects to create beautiful animations. The software helps you in adding varied special effects, such as- burning text, fireworks, colorful fog, beautiful animated bubbles, protuberance, digital field, and so many others.

Magic Particles 1.2 is a brilliant application that supports the users to create magnificent special effects by changing different aspects of the samples provided. To start with the program you need to load the sample effects with the ‘Open’ options provided on the toolbar. Then you’re shown different sample categories, and the containing effects are shown as thumbnails with the Open window. The special effects from selected sample category are shown in the expandable tree view form, on the left panel. Select any of the effects, and you’re shown different diagram related to its various aspects. It’s easy for the users to modify the effects by changing the Particle Types features. The diagrams are shown relating to the particles, emission direction, angles, zoom, size, velocity, visibility, motion, and many other characteristics, relating to the sample. You can modify the samples by moving the given points on the diagram, to give them desired look and feel. The Videopost mode enables the users to beautify the video and animate the graphic images. The program also provides various features like ‘Particle Type Initialization Generator’, ‘Particle Type Existence Generator’, ‘Diagram Settings’, ‘Select Background’, ‘Create particle type inside emitter’ etc, to create new and dynamic special effects.

Magic Particles 1.2 application is easy to use, and it keeps flashing the changes made on the right side of the interface. Rated with 4.5 rating points, the application assists in creating astonishing graphical effects to decorate your images and videos.

Publisher's description

Magic Particles is powerful FX editor.
Magic Particles allows you to create various special effects easily and quickly. Magic Particles has a real-time render, which allows to get very fast feedback. This version allows to create screensaver automatically.
Special effects:
A lot of samples of special effects are delivered with Magic Particles. You can use these samples as you wish or create your own special effects. Magic Particles does not require special knowledge of computer graphics.
A burning text, a flying comet, fireworks, a snow blizzard and a multi-coloured fog - all these (and many other!) special effects will be possible to create in our program.
A very useful feature - quick animation of any text. You can write any words and special effect will be applied to your text.
Magic Particles supports a lot of graphic formats for saving results.
Magic Particles allows to decorate your video or animate your graphic images. Use timeline to combine your image with any special effect. In practice, you can move and scale your image and special effect, in order to reach the best appearance.
You can also export special effect to video file or sequence of graphic files, in order to use it in any compositing or video editing software.
Magic Particles
Magic Particles
Version 2.22
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